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Comments Spring 2010

1.  Title: Earthquake in Haiti

Author: Allie Harrington



I agree Allie. This crisis is really sad. And your right, all we can do is pray.We can pray for the mothers, father, sons and daughters of Haiti. We can also pray for the people that have left their families so they could go help the people of Haiti.I cannot imagine loosing everything I own or even my family members or loved ones. Some people of Haiti have nothing. No friends, family, money, or hope. I pray they haven’t lost hope.
I noticed in your comment you were talking about a church sermon. I really want to find a good church here in Statesboro. I would really like to know where you are going and get your opinion on it. Thanks!

2. Title: Grammar Girl’s Website: week 2


Author: Matt Cook


Hey Matt! This sounds really funny. I can imagine you laughing in the middle of the library about this. I think the worst one of all the ones you mentioned was the Book of Tits. I hate that word, and I am pretty sure your right about that being one embarrassing hiccup.
This also makes me a little nervous about my own emails or memos. If these professional people are making these kind of mistakes, there is no telling what kind of mistakes I have made. I have sent about 100 different emails out to my teachers, and I know they aren’t perfect.
I have also heard a few of these kinda of things. When I was in high school one of my math teachers brought in a list of typos on church bulletins. My favorite one was an announcement for the wight watchers club. The announcement was for the members to use the back double doors instead of the front door. It was so funny because it was like the bulletin was saying that the members of the weight watchers club were too big to fit through the front single door so they had to use the double doors on the back of the church.  hahah

3. Title: Ch. 3- Key Points

Author: Shelley Martin



Hey Shelley! I must say I really do wish I had your enthusiasm about chapter three. I thought it was so boring and slow to read. All those legal facts and procedures…ugh. I dont know if I will ever have to use the things listed in chapter three, but I sure hope I dont have to.
Chapter three also reminds me of last semester’s intro to pr class I had with you. I remember going over this information with Mrs. Groover.  I think she made it a little more interesting than Mr . Wilcox.
I guess I will see you tomorrow in Communication and Conflict class at 2!

4. Title: ap style bootcamp

Author: Barbara Nixon



Hi Professor Nixon. I just love the videos you make. They are always so helpful to my PR writing class at Georgia Southern. I wish other teachers had the technological ability like you do to do all these helpful things for their students.
As for the associated press stylebook, I find it very confusing. I have had to use it before this class, and even then I was more confused than I am now. I understand that there needs to be some kind of uniform format for all newspapers and published articles, but I find the organization of the book confusing. Like you were saying in the video, they do not have a category for names. Instead, they just scatter them throughout the entire book. I feel like I am on a wild goose chase when I am trying to look up several things on this book.
What edition are you using? I have the 2008 version, and the page numbers didn’t match up at all.

5. Title: PR writing Blog Highlights 1

author: Natalia Daies



Hi Natalia! I feel very special you picked me to be one of your highlights! Your entry about me was very flattering. I am quite new to blogging, and sometimes I feel like I am doing it very wrong. This highlight has made me feel a lot better about my blogging and gives me some motivation to keep bettering my upcoming blogs.
I am also glad we have a teacher’s assistant we can go to with questions and advice for our pr writing class. I am also new to online classes! I will be needing a lot of help. Thanks Natalia!

p.s. Congrats Matt on being a highlight! We are representing Prince Avenue Christan School pretty good!!

6. Title: superbowl adds xliv

author: Barbara Nixon



My least favorite Super Bowl commercial had to have been the Doritos commercial with the poor puppy with the shock bark collar on. The guy just sits on the bench teasing the poor innocent animal. The dog is too cute. If he would have come up to me I would have given him a Doritos, but that guy was just plain mean. He told the dog if he wanted a Doritos he had to bark for it. If would have barked he would have electrocuted! I was glad when the dog finally got what he wanted, but I still hated the commercial

7. Title: Super Bowl Ads

author: Allie Harrington



I too was at the library the Sunday of the Super Bowl writing a paper. It was very unfortunate and I share your pain.
I thought the Doritos slap was really funny too. I thought I would share with you the conversation that we had in my advertising class the day after the super bowl.
Mrs. Mallard, my teacher, thought the commercial was offensive because it was disrespectful. I guess our age people didn’t even think about that, I know I didn’t even think about that when I saw the commercial. I guess I can see where they are coming from. I bet there is some kid out there who saw his parents laugh at that commercial and he thought it would be funny if he slapped his own parents. That wouldn’t be good.haha. But overall, I loved the commercial!

8. Title: Kim Kardashian “The SPINdustry”

author: Allie Harrington



Allie! I love reality television too.It is definitely my guilty pleasure. I love the Kardashians too!! I think they are my favorite show on E!I watched the finale that night too. I thought it was super creepy when Kourtney grabbed her own baby and pulled it out of herself. I almost threw up everywhere. AND i don’t think it is a good idea for them to go back to Miami.I am looking forward to the show, but how could Chloe leave her new man so soon?
As for the SPINdustry, I don’t think I liked it but I am going to try to give it another shot.

9. Title: PR Connection 5

author: Shelley Martin



That is so cool Shelley! I think you picked a perfect PR connection topic. I am almost kind of jealous! hahaha. And it makes it even better that she actually commented on your post. It is kind of cool how all of us PR people can connect this way!
As for the actual award that Megan won, I think it is great! The actors have the Oscars, the musicians have the Grammy’s, now we have ours! I like it so much because it gives us something to work towards. It would be a dream come true if I would win it one day. I bet you feel the same way!

p.s. I hope conflict and communication is going well for you!

10. Title: Comment #7

Author: Sarah Gricius



Hey Sarah! Your blog is looking great! I agree with you about the Doritos commercial. I loved it! I had seen this commercial a few months earlier than the super bowl.I don’t know why, but it was on youtube for a long time before the actual airing on TV. Anyways, I loved it then and I love it now. I realize people think it was rude to show a child being disrespectful BUT, in all respects, this commercial was clearly not made for them. This commercial was made for a younger generation who would not consider that as an offensive commercial. I cant imagine my mother (who didnt like the commercial) to like and want to eat Doritos.I, on the other hand, LOVE Doritos and loved the commercial.
p.s. I am just trying to help you out. I don’t think you are doing your blog comments right. All your comments need to be on one sinlge post. You just edit the post as you add comments!
Happy blogging!

11. Title: Week 7: Twitter

author: Sarah Gricius



Hey Sarah! I felt the same way about blogging. I was soo nervous! When I created mt account I had your same fear about how no one would follow me. The next week after our assignment I had about 20 followers and I was following about 10 others. I also felt how you felt about no one being interested in my every day life, but I just gave it a shot and found out that some people actually do care! Weird huh? I should start following you! I am sure you have very interesting Tweets. I am trying to make mine as interesting as I can but all I can say about that is practice makes perfect!
Happy blogging!

12. Title: PR Connection #3

Author: Lauren Stevens



Hey Lauren!
I have always loved Sandra Bullock. She has been my favorite ever since Hope Floats. I loved that movie as a child. I thought it was so funny how she was earned the best and the worst awards within the same 24 hours. Only Sandra Bullock could pull that off. She has a quirky and fun sense of humor about her that enables her to be able to do those kind of things and make it funny. With all of this success you think this would be the happiest time of her life, but her stupid husband has made it bittersweet. He has been cheating on her for a very long time! That just makes me mad at men in general. What kind of person could do that to Sandra Bullock?! He is just crazy!

13. Title Would Like Some Reactions to my Reaction paper

Author: Matt Cook



Great reaction paper Matt! I liked your forewarning at the beginning, that was funny. I feel the same way about hip hop music. It gives off the message that little boys have to be tough, get money, and treat women like “hoes.” It isn’t a good thing for the youth of this country to be influenced by this music. I admit, I like to listen to hip hop sometimes, but children minds are like sponges, they absorb EVERYTHING they hear and take it to heart. I saw a youtube video of this kid who stole his grandmother’s car and took it to town to get candy. When the police asked him why he did it he said, “because I want to be hood.”
Happy Blogging!

14. Title: Really impressed with Atlanta Braves PR?Marekting

Author: Matt Cook



Baseball season in almost here and the Atlanta Braves organization is doing a really good job this offseason marketing to the fans and trying to get as many tickets sold as possible. I just got done watching the Braves first televised Spring Training game and I was REALLY impressed to say the least on how well they marketed season tickets to the fans. First off, every commercial was Braves related which was amazing for me because I’m such a big fan and I love watching Braves commercials. But as I thought about it, it makes a lot of sense. Ticket sales have been steadily decling(especially for the Braves) over the years but even after just watching one Spring Training game i’m confident fans will be there at Turner Field when the season begins. This is legendary Braves Manager Bobby Cox’s last season as head coach, and that is what he big idea is for marketing this team this offseason. I believe the Braves PR department realizes is they can rally up the fans and get them excited to come to the ballpark for Bobby’s last season. GO BRAVES!

15. Title: The “Like” Button

Author: Michelle Blubaugh



I completely agree! I get so frustrated when they change their layout.They change the layout almost every 6 months. I finally get used to the old one and they change it. But, I must say I do like the new “like” button. I am always liking comments. Sometimes I don’t have time to write a comment so I just like the status or picture or even another comment! I am expecting another change in the near future. I feel like Facebook will soon add a “dislike” button. I guess we just have to get used to the change. Got to love that social media!

16. Title: TOW-SUPER BOWL  super bowl XLIV

author: Tasmaii Craft



Hey Tasmaii! I really enjoyed your LinkedIn presentation today. I was the girl who volunteered to create my linkedIN account and I cant wait to try and use it.
About your Super Bowl commercial post, I completely agree . I did not like the super bowl shuffle either. I don’t know if you remember but in our advertising class, but the class before the big game Mrs. Mallard showed the entire original super bowl shuffle.It was a really long commercial but definitely way better than the new version. I agree, sometimes you should just stick with the original.
As for your favorite, the coca cola with the Simpsons, I loved that one too. It was a great way to take two classics and make a great commercial out of them.
Keep Up the great blogging and I will see you in class!

17. Title: TOW 7

author” Lauren O’Sullivan



Lauren! I haven’t seen you in forever! This post about tweeting was really good. I felt the same way about my tweeting experiences.I was really nervous and I had a lot to learn. I created a user name and it was not that bad after that. I learned pretty quickly. I gained lots of followers and enjoyed reading their tweets.
The hardest thing for me about tweeting is finding interesting things to tweet about. I know no one cares about what I had for lunch or what I think about a new movie that just came out. So, I got a PROpenMic account and started writing about that kind of stuff. More people were into that type of post.
Happy Blogging!

18. Title: IPad…not so great after all

Author: Caroline Rawlins



Hey Carol! I thought this post was very interesting. I am an apple fan. I have an iphone, an Apple Computer, and and ipod. So, naturally when I heard that Apple was coming out with a new product I was super excited. I looked it up and was a little disappointed. I just don’t see where it is anything new. It is like a computer except flat and touch screen. I don’t see a need for it. And now, no flash player?! Waste of Apple genius I must say.
I think Apple should create a camera! I would LOVE to see what they would create. I am sure it would be FAB!
Happy Blogging!

19. Title: Generalized Anxiety Disorders and Treatments

Author: Matt Cook



Hey Matt! I must say this is an interesting post. I think anxiety disorders are a lot more common than we think. I have never thought about it but I think I may have GAD! I am terrified of small spaces. I don’t like elevators, bathroom stalls, closets, boxes, tanning beds….you get the idea. I have always been scared of small spaces, I cannot remember ever being comfortable with small spaces. When I watch movies and the characters are in small spaces, I start freaking out. MY worst fear is to be buried alive. Weird huh? Maybe I should go to a few CBT sessions.
Happy Blogging!!

20. Title: Public Relations Scams?

author: Matt Cook



Hey Matt! This is a great post. First off, I would like to address the scams against small businesses. I don’t understand why a company would want to scam a small business. Small businesses are really important to this country and don’t get enough credit. My dad owns a small business and if someone scammed him like that I wold be super mad!
The news wire outlet for a marketing program is the best thing a company can do. It is very simple and free. I know there is a technique to writing a news release but most people can learn how to write a simple news release.
Happy Blogging!

22. Title: PR OpenMic

author: Allie Harrington



Hey Allie! I completely agree about PROpenMic. I was really annoyed that I was going to have to sign up for ANOTHER social networking website.
Although annoyed, I continued to register to be a member of this website. My mind was already changed by looking at the homepage. There were sooo many stories that looked very interesting to me! One of the first things that came to my mind was, “this will be perfect for my PR Connection section of my blog!” That is pretty much what I have been using since then.I love the website! I cant wait till I am a cool enough PR professional that I will have stuff to post that I think other PR professionals will find interesting about my work!
Happy Blogging!

23. title: Small Town Girl to Uptown Leader

author: Lauryn Williams



Lauryn, this is really good! I am really impressed with social media news release and it has made me a little excited about me doing my project. I want to go do it right now, but I am going to comment on this first. haha.
I really like how you did related websites! That’s a great idea. I know if I saw related websites on a news release I was reading I would definitely check it out. Good job Lauryn!!
Everything you said about Elizabeth is so true. She is a great leader at ADPi. She has so much on her plate and I dont know how she does it.

24. Title: Be My Guest Ashley London

author: Kelsey Hendrix



Hey Kelsey! I think this is a very interesting post. I like how you invite Ashley to do one of your topic of the weeks. I think that helps everyone get introduced to more blogs.
As for Ashley’s post, I completely agree with her. I am an big animal lover. I have a dog, her name is Izzie, and she is the love of my life. Although I do love animals very much, I feel that PETA have overstepped their boundaries. They are ridiculing humans, which have to be on earth to take care of animals. I feel like their campaign manager should take a step back and rethink their ethics. Good luck with that PETA!
Happy Blogging Kelsey!

25. Title: Yikes!!! (and likes) of the Oscars

author: Lindsay



I enjoyed your post about the Oscars. I agree with most of your commentary about the outfits that the starts wore. I don’t know what Mariah Carey was thinking. Her dress was too “hoochie” for me. I figure once she got married to Nick Cannon she would try to make it a little more classy. I guess that’s just not Mariah’s style.
One that I didn’t agree with was Sarah Jessica Parker. I really didn’t like this dress. I thought the neckline was just a little too weird and her hair didn’t look good either.
One of my likes that you didn’t include was Sandra Bulloch. I thought she was my number one of the night. She looked great and the Oscar was a great accessory for her.


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