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This chapter is all about writing for TV and Radio. This is something I have never really thought of. I always kind of thought they were just kind of winging it. Now that I really think about, I would not have a clue what to say!  I would probably forget what I was supposed to be talking about or stutter. I wouldn’t be able to talk on tv or radio if I didn’t have something to read from. Now, I feel like I could write for the people who talk on TV and radio. Here are some of the things that were interesting in chapter 9.

  • a b-roll includes additional interviews, sound bites and file footage.
  • radio reaches about 94% of adults on a daily basis
  • psa’s are for non-profit organizations
  • producing ANR’s are a bargain compared to VNR’s
  • on avergae it takes about 4-6 weeks to produce a VNR

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I love pictures. They truly do bring a piece of work to life.  Here are some of the notes I took down about chapter 8.

  • interesting and unique angles allow provide the viewer with new insights to an object
  • lighting is very important to a photographer
  • caption should always been written down in the present tense
  • size and color are the key elements of a photo that will be published

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Hello everyone.

I am currently enrolled in Introduction to Advertising class with Mrs. Lori Mallard. Next Thursday I have a project due in that class about the website Flickr. The project is to create a book including a target audience analysis, a SWOT analysis, advertising methods, a timeline, and a 20 minute presentation.

I am really enjoying this assignment so far because I realize how useful Flickr could be to a PR professional.  I was working on my power point presentation tonight. I am using all pictures from Flickr for the project. I have found some great photos!! They are all very creative and fitting for my presentation.

You a really useful search tool called Compfight. You don’t have to be a member of Flickr to use it. All you have to do is type the keyword in the search bar. Once you search for a picture you will realize what a useful tool this website could be.

One of my favorite things about the compfight tool is that you can use intangible keywords and it will find a picture that will represent an idea.

For example, when I searched the word “love” this picture came up.

I thought this picture expressed love in a really fun and creative way. I love giraffes and I love love. haha. Thanks CreativeSam Creation! Thanks Flickr!

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Well, I am sorry to say but I really couldn’t locate a professional or legitimate definition of the word infographic. But if you check this website out there are 50 great examples.

From the website above, I did learn a bit about infographics. From what I can tell they are peices of art work that not only catch the eye but also have information embedded within the art.


The infographic that I have placed in this post is pretty cool. It is very attention grabbing, which I feel like is the main point. Then it takes the common pie chart and turns it into a startling statistic. If we would have just read the statistic without the art work behind it, the impact would be close to non existent.

These would be very useful to my client, Alpha Delta Pi. I would like to see one to help recruit new members to the organization. It would be neat to use hand prints that would reveal the growing number of ADPi members. Then along with that graphic include a headline or a tag line about how many sisters you can gain and how you will never be lonely once you join the organization. Clever huh?

I wouldn’t really know how to create one. I imagine you would need a computer gar greater than mine with software I have never heard of.  SO, in that case I am not going to make a fool of myself and try. Instead, I gave you my clever idea for one, lets see if you can make it! Send them to me at jdudley88@hotmail.com! Thanks to the creative and technological inclined ones.

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hello all. I hope your spring break was as glorious as mine.

So, there is this really cool web site out there that every PR student should know about. PR Open Mic. You should definitely check it out. It has tons of cool stuff. I am going to tell you about a couple of them.

  1. The very fist thing that I love about this website is the very informative home page. When you log in and go to the home there are a couple of really interesting stories pertaining to the PR industry as a whole. For example the very first story on today’s home page is about Twitter’s third birthday. Although the story is quite random, it would be interesting to most PR professionals.
  2. The second coolest thing is the PROpenMic tool bar. It does a couple of things. First, it shows you other really cool websites that the people from PROpenMic like. The toolbar will send updates to your desktop on the latest PR news and the toolbar is free. What more could a PR student ask for in a toolbar?
  3. This is probably the best thing about this website. There is a whole section provides internship and job resources. How cool is that?! Here is an example. I wonder how helpful it is to graduates?
  4. Finally, the section that helps teachers teach better. I know I am not a teacher but I do appreciate this section very much because I want to learn. I think Mrs. Nixon has been hitting up this website because I have already learned so much in this one online class.

Check it out!!

Speak Up

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Hello every one. I was looking today at PR  Week’s website. I noticed that the PR Week Awards are just around the corner. I thought this was pretty exciting. It is like our Grammys or our Oscars! I hope in the future maybe I will be attending the awards show as a nominee. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!!! I cant even imagine. Stop day dreaming Jessica, get to the point.

The awards are on March 11th. They will be held in New York City. Some of the awards include student of the year, media campaign of the year, product brand development campaign of the year, consumer launch campaign of the year, health, technology and business to business campaign of the year, and many more. They are all separated into categories including  general consumer awards, industry market awards, target audience awards, corporate awards, social education and philanthropy awards, education awards, technique awards, personality of the year awards, and business in house and out of house awards.

As you can see there are a lot of opportunities for someone to win an award. For example, Nintendo won the Campaign of the year award in 2008 for the wii and how it got Nintendo’s game back. Cool huh?

The best part of this whole thing is that we, as students, can win an award as a student. They have a student of the year award!! Some of the nominees this year include Leidy Arevalo from California State University, Danielle Jacobs from Liberty University, Eileen O’neil from SUNY Oswego, Sean Whelan from SUNY Oswego, and Grace Yu from California State UNiversity.

Who knows? Maybe next year the student of the year could Jessica Dudley from Georgia Southern University.

check it out>>http://www.prweekus.com/student-of-the-year/section/413/

GO PR!!!

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Hello everyone. I hope all is well. I am in a particular good mood today. 🙂

The lead lab that I did a few days ago ( which was late…oops.) was very interesting to me. I thought it was quite helpful. I often have problems finding the right lead, but I feel confident that my leads will improve now because of this exercise.

I did a little research about who put this course together. His name is Chip Scanlan and he  is a professor at Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism. He isn’t just a teacher though. He spent many years in the field of journalism and won several awards for his writing including the Robert F. Kennedy Award. So, this guy knows his stuff and this lead lab is very valuable to students like me just learning how to be a good journalist writer.

So, how did he teach me to write a better lead? I will tell you. He said to always start with the 5 W’s and the H. Who, what, when, where,why, and how. THen the next two questions you should ask are what’s the news and what’s this story about. He also says that you should try to put yourself in the story. What would you want to be told if this story was about you? And you should always try to find the best source for a good interview.

There are plenty of different approaches to a single lead for a story. Which one should I take? Well, it depends on these three things.

  1. your news organizations
  2. the news
  3. the timing of publication.

All of those things are pretty important when it comes to writing a lead.

Here is where you can all this….http://www.newsu.org/.

I hope you can lear as much as I did from Mr. Chip!!

this is what a horrible lead can do to reader

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