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Here are some quick notes about chapter 7:

Op-eds are short and to the point.

Feature writers are curious and they usually are assigned a topic and told to run with it. Thats why it is so fun.

lots of magazines have space for at least one feature article within one issue.


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I liked chapter 6, I learned a lot about the difference between fact sheets, media advisories, and news releases. Here are some of the most helpful facts in chapter 6:

A corporate profile is a type of fact sheet.

Media advisories are also called “media alerts”.

Media advisories are sometimes used to localize national stories.

Journalists seem to prefer electronic press kits over printed kits.

Thanks Chapter 6!!!

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Here are some great ideas to add news to any organization
There are many ways to generate news for my organization, Alpha Delta Pi. Here are ten ways we can make news about Alpha Delta Pi.
1. Special Events: ADPi has many different special events.There is actually an event coming up very soon.Smoke out for Lung Cancer is coming up and it is one of ADPi’s biggest philanthropy events. This is a perfect opportunity for a news release about this organization.
2. There is also another special event coming up for this organization. In March, ADPi is having their annual formal. This is a very special event and will surely generate news for the organization.
3. There is a news generating contest coming up within the organization. ADPi participates in the annual Pop Tab Pandemonium contest with the Ronald McDonald House.
Many organizations enter into the contest and they count the pop tabs. Whoever wins gets a prize of some sort. This will be a great news release even if the organization doesn’t win.
4. We could conduct a poll or survey about the opinions of non greek students about ADPi or greek life in general.
5. Another special event that would good for a news release is charity denim. A portion of the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House, and designer jeans are very cheap!
6. ADPi wind many awards every year and this is a great news generator. In 2006, ADPi won sorority of the year, and in 2008 we won 5 star chapter
7. Personal Appearances: ADPi could makes appearances at other organizations on campus to show we care about the other organizations on campus
8. Tie in with holidays: ADPi always has a Christmas social and we participate in ATO’s blue and gold Christmas philanthropy event for the children in Statesboro
9. ADPi could participate in a rallie or protest to promote local community issues and show we care not only about the university but about the community as well.
10. ADPi could generate a top ten list that would generate a news release. A top ten list could be ADPi’s top ten favorite things about Statesboro.

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Hello all,

“Twitter. All week.” When I discovered that this was an assignment in my PR writing class I started to freak out a little. I am not very technological inclined. It was hard for me to figure out Facebook, and now I have to twitter!? OMG!!! I had to tell myself to take deep breaths and kept telling myself that I can do this.

So, all that was left to do after my freak out was to sign up for Twitter. So I began. I am still having a little bit of trouble downloading my picture, but I will figure it out one day. I got to pick out my theme and I picked a really  pretty background that is yellow with little birdies on the side.

As for my tweets, I am sure there is some room for improvement. I have yet to learn how to post a link that isn’t the actual url. My pr writing teacher, Mrs. Barbara Nixon, is a master at this. I would really like to know how to do this so I could post a lot of links to my blog and to my twitter. I have many ideas and lots of links I would like to share but I don’t want to post the whole stinking url, thats so unattractive. So, if you have any tips about that I would be very appreciative.

The week of twitter isn’t over yet so, I still have some time to make it better. So, if you know how to do that thing I was talking about, PLEASE let me know asap!

Happy Tweeting 🙂

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I thought this was very interesting piece of news. I am currently in the middle of an assignment titled “twitter for a week” and this news immediately caught my eye. The article is titled Twitter hires its first VP of communication. I don’t have a subscription to this magazine so I couldn’t read the entire article but I could read the first paragraph.

His name is Sean Garret and is a partner of 463 Communications and has gained the new title VP communications where he is being asked to “build an in-house communications team for the social network,” Twitter. He has been working with this company since December 2004 and will be transitioning his role to VP of communications in April. When Garret begins working in April he will discontinue his work with 463 communication and will work exclusively with Twitter.

I think this is a great idea for Twitter and is definitely a sign that this social network will only get bigger ad bigger. I am currently learning the social network Twitter. I feel like it will take me a while to really master the skill of twittering but, I am working on it.

I feel like Sean Garret has a huge task on his hand and is probably nervous about his upcoming promotion in Twitter. This is such a fast growing social network that Mr. Garret will probably have his hands full with just keeping up the with this ever changing way of communication. I am looking forward to see if there will be any changes in the near future contributed to Twitter’s new addition, Mr. Sean Garret.


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There are several types of news releases:

  • reaction stories
  • local stories
  • announcements

“good news” isnt a type of news release

contact on the news release should only be the person’s name, email, and phone number

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To overcome getting publicity in the media you can use some of the following techniques:

  1. consider the interests of reader and the public
  2. exercise creativity
  3. keep the gatekeeper in mind
  4. target the right media with the information

Timeliness is very important:

  1. news must be current
  2. news must be current enough to still be on the minds of the public and readers
  3. news should be relevant to the holidays and events going on in the community

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