What is a social media news release?

A social media news release has “expanded the audience beyond just the traditional media outlet.” (pg. 137 in Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Ed.) )

Social media news releases include things to help you understand more about the product, event, or organization. SMNRs include videos, graphics, and links. They are a much more interactive version of the traditional news release.

My favorite thing about SMNR are the videos. In my SMNR final project, I wasn’t able to use one. MY organization didn’t have an updated video. But, I have been using a lot of videos in my PR Connection category in my blog and I really feel like they are helpful. I added a commercial to my blog and then discussed it. Now, my readers will know exactly what I am talking about when they read my blog. Thank you YouTube.

When should a PR practitioner use an SMNR?

An SMNR should be used when there is any more information that cannot be included into the traditional news release.

I feel like a PR practitioner should use an SMNR rather than a traditional news release any time possible.  My fellow classmate, Lauryn Williams, feels the same way. In her blog, I heard it from that PR Girl, she says, “I believe that while sending and distributing SMNRs online via blog or wire service is important to allow the customer to directly interact with your company, traditional press releases should still be used. I say use both as frequently as possible. Write the traditional press releases with journalists and gatekeepers in mind, and write SMNRs with your company and opinion in mind while avoiding hype. Hype will be recognized and cause customers to distrust what you say.”

Here are some blogs about SMNRs:

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Here are some websites that help you with your SMNR:

PR Newswire

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Pitch Engine

Good luck with your first SMNR!


This year has been the year of infidelity. I know that many of my fellow PR Writing students have been blogging about the cheaters. I have decided to put all of the cheaters into one post and waste no more posts or time on them.


  1. Tiger Woods
  2. Jon Gosselin
  3. Jesse James


  1. Elin Nordegrin
  2. Kate Gosselin
  3. Sandra Bullock

All of these male celebrities cheated on their celebrity wives. Each of their stories are different. Here are each of their stories in a nutshell.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegrin

Tiger and Elin

Tiger Woods, world famous golfer, had been cheating on his wife with numerous women. His wife, Elin,  was super model. When she found out about her husband she went a little crazy with a golf club. After the incident, Tiger went to sex addiction rehab.  Now, Tiger is back from rehab and just played in the Master’s Golf Tournament.

Jon and Kate (plus 8)

Jon and Kate

Jon and Kate Gosselin have 8 children. There are a set of twins, Maddie and Cara. They also have a set of sextuplets, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel. Jon and Kate’s relationship unraveled on national television. He cheated on her with Deanna Hummel, a grade school teacher. Now, Jon and Kate are divorced and the show is canceled.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock had a night to remember. She won Actress of the Year at the Oscars. Within the next few days she discovers that her husband had cheated on her.

Their PR

Obviously, these guys needed a lot of good PR to get them out of their problems with the media. Without some great PR their careers could have all been ruined. Tiger Woods was almost immediately admitted into sex addiction rehab. This was a PR stunt. Tiger probably did not think he had a problem with sex when he admitted himself into rehab. The public saw him going to rehab and it led us to think that he was trying to get better. Jesse James did practically the same thing. He admitted himself into

Jesse and Sandra

a rehab facility in order to create good PR about his new media crisis and infidelity.

Whereas Tiger and Jesse are trying, Jon Gosselin is not. He is living it up without Kate. He has a new girlfriend, he has started to smoke, and started to party more and more.Jon Gosselin could use some good PR. Any suggestions PR students?

This semester I took intro to advertising. I really enjoyed this class. During this course was the Super Bowl. As you may know, the Super Bowl is not only a competition between two football teams but between all the advertisers. My advertising class intensely studied all the commercials and the public’s feedback towards the commercials.  There was one company we even analyzed that did not have a Super Bowl add. Pepsi, known for their past Super Bowl adds, decided to step back during the Super Bowl this year. They tried another approach.

Pepsi took their Super Bowl add budget and put it towards their new “Pepsi Refresh Project.” The big idea behind the Refresh Project is that they are asking people what their big idea is and then Pepsi wants to fund the idea. Pepsi divides the ideas into six ideas.

  1. Health
  2. Arts & Culture
  3. Food & Shelter
  4. The Planets
  5. Neighborhoods
  6. Education

When you go to the website you can pick a category and then vote for what idea you think is best. Whichever idea earns the most votes, Pepsi will fund the idea. For example,I voted for an idea in the neighborhood section. My favorite idea was to give children in shelter a real birthday party. I thought that was a good idea because my birthday parties were the highlights of my childhood. I would hate for a child to never know the feeling of a real birthday party.

Pepsi has funded many projects already. Pepsi donated $250,000 to fund research on Spinal Muscular Atophy. The website shows pictures of children whose lives have already been effected by Pepsi’s donation.

I feel like this is a very refreshing approach to PR. My favorite part about the Refresh Project is that they ask people of the community how to help their community. Personally, I have tons of ideas for my little community of Statesboro, GA. I will definitely be speaking to Pepsi about my ideas. I hope you do too.

Submit, Promote, Vote

  1. Keep up with your blogging: I tried to do this for the most part. The only thing I got behind was my PR Connection section. The more often you do it, the more you like it. If you just wait till the end of the semester you will have to do all of your blogging at once which will make you hate blogging. Blogging is a great thing and very fun. Don’t ruin it for yourself.
  2. Keep blogging in mind: Towards the end of the semester I was having a hard time come up with different topics to blog about. I would recommend that you just keep blogging in the back of your mind. If you see something cool or something that you think your readers would like, take note. Blog about it later.
  3. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT: When you read anything, you have an opinion about it. It may not be a strong opinion or a nice one, but there is one. So, just write about it. It is really quite easy. I feel like I had opinions but I held back.
  4. Don’t be afraid to edit: So, you have written a post. Then a week later there is something you would like to add to that particular post. DO IT! I suggest you edit instead of writing a brand new post on the same topic.
  5. Explore blogs of other people: There re so many great blogs out there in the world wide web. If you look at other blogs it will teach you how to be a better blogger. You also may learn a thing or two.
  6. INSERT INSERT INSERT: The more graphics, videos, and audio the better. You can talk all you want about something but it cant beat the seeing/hearing the actual thing.
  7. Learn about WordPress: WordPress can be a very confusing and frustrating thing. The more you learn about how to use it better, the better your blog will be.
  8. Get a study buddy: Get a buddy you can stay accountable to with your blogging. Check up on each other to make sure ya’ll are staying on track. If you have a study buddy the more likely you are to stay on schedule with the blogging. Getting behind is no fun….trust me.
  9. Hyperlink: It took me a while to figure this part out. I love it now. It makes everything so much easier.
  10. HAVE FUN!: Learning how to blog has been a great experience for me. I will definitely keep up with my blogging. I want to get better at it.

Chapter 14 was about writing emails, memos, and proposals. It is kind of weird that we need a whole chapter on how to write these simple forms of communication. Here are a few of the notes that I took.

  • An average PR professional checks their email about 50 times a day.
  • Do not use abbreviations or shorthand in an email
  • Always include a subject line
  • RFP= request for proposal
  • Memos serve many different purpose

As I was sitting at my desk today I saw a new commercial. It immediately caught my attention. It was the new General Motors commercial. The chairman and CEO of GM, Ed Whitacre, announces that GM has paid off their government loan  for $8.4 billion in full wth interest 5 years before planned.

GM has also launched a campaign called “Reinvention.” The campaign includes a series of commercials about how GM is reinventing how they make cars. The commercials are blunt and honest. This is a refreshing take on commercials. After the government bailed GM out, they needed to take a different approach to their advertising. They want to get America back on their side.

I feel like they have done a very good job so far. The commercials have definitely caught my attention.

So, what else are they doing besides commercials? Their new Reinvention website explains everything. They are making fewer cars with a focus on technology for saving gas. They are making a commitment to the environment. They are putting more Americans back to work and providing better cars.

One of my favorite parts of the website is the education section of the website. They have 5 different segments for kids to choose from. The segments include K-4th, 5th-8th, 9th-12th, Teacher’s Blog and Lesson Plans. This allows a segment for everyone. Within each category there are games, education about how to be green, pictures of GM’s newset and coolest cars. I like this section because it is a different way to be interactive.

Overall, I think GM is doing a good job. They are taking new and different approaches to get America back on their side. I must say it is working on me!

I would like to see GM team up with another company and do some charity work. They have just paid off all their debt and now it is time to give back to the community. If they really want America to be back on their side they need to give back to them. THis would also be a great outlet for a little creativity on GM’s part.

The new health care reform has been on everyone’s mind lately. Now that the reform has passed everyone thinks that their health care problems are cured. This is not the case. One in five children in the U.S. live in poverty and millions of children don’t have access to regular check-ups and timely health care visits when sick. Clorox, Children’s Health Fund, Juliana Moore, and Facebook have joined to help this problem.  They have started a social media driven campaign to get the word out there.

Facebook has joined the cause. They are going to help rally people across the country and become aware of the problem. Clorox had donated half a million dollars and will donate one dollar for every fan on Facebook of Clorox.

The goal of this whole project is providing half a million health care visits to disadvantaged children.  Many children go without health care for years. This isn’t healthy for the future of out country.

How can you help?

  1. Connect: Visit the Clorox page on Facebook® (www.Facebook.com/Clorox) to learn more about the program and become a fan. Clorox will donate $1.00 to CHF for each new fan that joins the Clorox Facebook page, up to $100,000.*
  2. Share: Help spread the word to friends and family by changing your Facebook status (additional details on Facebook.com/Clorox).
  3. Act: Visit the Clorox Facebook page to find out more and learn how a $10 donation can help CHF provide health care to children in need.

I love this campaign. I think it is great. I like that is driven through social media. I think it makes it a more fun and interactive way for people to be charitable from their desk at home. I have already become a fan on Facebook and next time I need laundry detergent I want to get Clorox because of what they are doing to support this cause.

In my PR writing class I just finished my final project. It was a social media news release. I probably failed it because I really didn’t know what one looked like. The Connect Kids to Care Campaign has a social media news release that looks AWESOME!! I love it! Now, I know what one is supposed to look like.

Great job Clorox, Facebook and Juliana Moore. I love your work!